In my travels I meet many people , many became my clients.
Some clients love to share space with me when I come to Chicago and that is true for a lovely lady who I met a few years back.
People contact me in many different ways .
In January of this year I received a vision from spirit of what I needed to do next and that it was time to take to Chicago.
I often ask :Is this really what you want me to do ? ”
On this particular day I heard “YES” and I heard my phone notification that I had a text.
I read the text it was from the lovely lady from Chicago asking me to please let her know when I was going to be in Chicago.
Once I knew for sure of dates I texted this woman back but never heard back from her .
As I prepared for my trip a lady (in spirit ) kept saying you need to call her ,referring to the woman who texted me in January,
so I did.
The woman answered and was so happy to hear from me .
I told her that my call was in response to her text message and she said ” Nancy I DID NOT TEXT YOU ”
I had the pleasure to read for her yesterday and decided to show her the text I received from her , she looked at me after looking at the number that the text was sent from  It was her land line .
We all know the old fashion land line does not send text messages  but her loved ones made sure that I did connect with her on this trip as she needed to hear from them .
Spirit reminded us that when there is a will there is a way.
For a minute I laughed as the image of E.T. call home crossed my mind, but I am very familiar with the Love that connects us to those in Spirit !!

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