As I sit quietly in my spiritual cave I ask  what can I do to help ?
A reminder that we are all in this together and that we all need to know that there is something better awaiting us comes out of the heart of the Universe .
I ask again “How can I help ?”
I have been doing  sessions , meditating and sewing masks for those who are serving in the medical field but feel it is not enough.
I was told “It IS Time” Time for what you ask ?
Well many of you know that I do not like the “spotlight ”
I LOVE what I do and Love who I am , so it is time to go virtual .
Stay tune for classes and meditation via my virtual office .
Many years ago I crossed path with an amazing man , I call him the innovator !
Michael has his own company Arise Advertising Arts. He has created my website and gives it live in unique ways .
With his help you can now go to my website and select the service that best fits your need , schedule your appointment and decide how you would like the session to take place .
The virtual office is amazing and simple.
This morning the reminder was that not everyone can afford a full price session, so I decided to reduce my half hour life reading from $88 to $55 .
All you have to do is go to the website , click life reading half hour , click to make your appointment and you will be charged $55.( which symbolizes transition/changes )