Going from the Beginning of Time there is a Translucent light that lets you imagine .
Emerge Through It !!!
Bathing in the light allows you to understand what need to be done!!!
It is like be reborn into a new life each time you do!
As you Evolve you accept the Role (new yet familiar).
Light is not as you define it in the Human Consciousness, human speak of light as bright or dark , We know that Light is Freedom.
Letting go of Boundaries, Limitations, Rules, Roles that we created I this reality so that we can allow the human body to have a weight {so called grounding) will give us the freedom we need to move forward.
Our brothers and sisters in spirit are awaiting for the Reconnection of Spiritual Sensitivity!
Been One with  One Another  has been the Primary Goal of human consciousness.
When we disconnect from we are lost.
Human Kind is very scattered at this time , fear roams the land.
People are trying to find Values to Bring them a sense of Peace!
It is short lived my friend, as those Values are  outlived and outdated, no longer serving the hunger of the evolved soul.
New Life is coming in Fragile and Broken due to the resistance of the mothers to see what is now needed. A mother is like a New Constellation giving Birth to a new form of life. Many of the New Children are Entering at fast speed and are encountering great obstacles, like meteors trying to break trough the stratosphere, falling apart, never  making it here or with missing parts.
The new generation is coming in to Help fix what we destroyed.
It is time for the Elder, Wise, Sage, Teacher, Healer to stand as they should, to bring forward the knowledge accumulated over many life times.
If you are a Teacher, Leader, Elder, Wise, Sage Healer ALLOW the  lessons that have been imprinted in you to Reemerge via dream , visions, words , stop blocking it.
It is Time to stand to help and to reunite, the future depends on it ! 10303445_624495577641421_5748487008472321277_n

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