Learning Opportunities

d03187db2788fe3230f8b8da706c86a2[1]Nancy offers a three part series of educational sessions. The courses are: “Introduction to Intuition“, “Hands on Energy and Tools“, and “Psychic Protection“.

Introduction to Intuition: Gives an overview of what your intuition is, how to develop it, and how to understand it. A simple example is: When you meet someone, your gut tells you if the person is good or not. Have you ever said to yourself “there is something not right about him/her”? Your intuition is telling you to listen.

Nancy goes into the history of what intuition is and can compare all areas of belief from Biblical, Spiritual, Existential, Darwin to Big Bang. She can cover the laws of physics to explain feelings, as well as just a notion or feeling that can come over a person.

Skeptics are always welcome because the group can then engage in richer and broader discussions. She is well-versed over a wide spectrum of knowledge.

Nancy was raised Catholic but left that belief to explore spirit and grow while investigating multiple belief systems as Born Again Christian, Fundamentalist Teachings, Wiccan, to Native American Spirit Beliefs and the scientific fields of Physics and additional Sciences. All investigations have given her the wealth of knowledge she possesses to lead learning sessions and pass that knowledge on to her students.

Hands on Energy and Tools: This session will teach students about all the wonderful human energy we have and how to give it to others. The group will form into a circle and each student connects to another by holding each hand over or under another student’s hand. With eyes closed and hands not touching, the energy that flows through the full circle gives a wonderful connection that comes to some as totally unexpected warmth and vibration that flows around the group. She will then ‘disconnect’ a member and let the group experience the difference in the energy and the disruption. Also within this session, Nancy will lead a guided meditation that will not only relax students but let them connect to others who have crossed over. Their loved ones come to accompany them on their meditative journey. She will then lead a discussion on what they saw and what it means to them. The relaxation that comes as a result is another unexpected surprise. This session will also include looking at ‘tools’ including reading Oracle Cards, Crystals and their healing uses, information about Reiki Healing, and other methodologies to take advantage of for a more complete understanding of centering and relaxation of self in this busy world we live in.

Psychic Protection: Nancy will teach how we need to protect ourselves from forces that are all around us. She will explain the correct way to put yourself in your ‘protective’ box by invoking your angels and loved ones to keep detrimental spirits from entering your space. An example would be: If you were a hamster you would be protected from the cat when you were rolling around in your little exercise ball. To protect your human self would be to create a “ball” around you to only permit good energy to come in, and bad energy to stay out. The Seminars can be taught in a three part series of two hours each, a condensed mini session, or a single session 6 hours session depending on demand.

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To help you understand the tools that can be used as an additional guide on your spiritual journey, Nancy holds classes on :

  • Pendulum Power
  • Oracle Awareness Cards
  • Crystal Healing
  • Herbal Therapy

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