It is easy to say thank you to situation and people that make out day to day pleasant , but have you ever considered giving Thanks to what/who is difficult in our lives ??
Let me explain .
I had stopped writing/blogging because a person who I cared for told me that “I was not writer ”
I have spent a few years thinking about those words.
Over time I realized that I was looking it at the situation from the wrong prospective , I was letting my insecurity about the fact that English is my second language stop me .
Many who speak more than one language as I do analyze and sometimes over analyze words to make sure that they are the correct ones , or that they are used correctly.
I also realized that by doing so I found that words have so much more power and we take things for granted .
Because of that person comment I study words and look at them with very simple yet profound renewed way .
Here a simple example : Inspiration = In Spirit = working from/with Spirit
So Thank You to the person who told me that writing is not for me !
I am forever grateful to you !
I Live to Inspire others as Spirit Inspires me !