Have you ever noticed how two people can be looking at the same thing but yet see something different ?
In my class I put on orange in between me and my student .
I saw spots and bumps , she saw the green on top and some discoloration , we both were looking at the same orange !
Life is the same way.
When helping people I often hear but why she/he does not understand?
How often we say put yourself in her/his shoes ?

Perception is a reflection of where your soul finds itself at that moment !
In that moment we are looking at things with our nose to close to the person/situation.
Step back , look at the bigger situation, fly like the eagle and see all that is involved .
And more important ask yourself why did you choose this person/situation ?
Are you the victim or the victor?
Is life happening to you or are you making it happen for you ?
Remember you wrote your life story before you came here and you chose the players in it , so stop looking at them look at you , what is your soul trying to remember? what is your soul trying to learn??