I start my morning with quiet , no noise , just me a cup of coffee and the nothing .
As I sat there for the last few weeks thinking of the many sessions when people have difficulties with relationships I hear                                                                                                                            “No One Knows How to LISTEN ”
If you know me you know that I have “crazy” conversations with spirit.
So I asked what do you mean ??  Here is what I received .
” In the Quiet of the moment Sit Still and you Will hear more than in the Loud Voice of Thunder !!”
I asked what does that mean?
I was told ” Learn to listen with Intention of Understanding. Do not pass Judgment .
Listen with intention not to hear what you think/want to hear!!
A Soul Talks Without Words!!
Words Leave a Imprint in a Soul!
They are Deep as the Groove of an old Record .
With Words there is Chaos !
With Stillness there is Peace !