Today we are celebrating the fourth of July  , remembering that we are free.
In the Spiritual world things are moving in a direction that is reminding Us that we are Alive, Awake and we are ready to create for ourselves what our Soul really Desires.
So today is 7-4 which totals 11 (awakening) , we have a new moon  in Cancer ( sensitivity, intuition)  what a great combination .
Great reminder for all of us that We are free to manifest from a place that resides in us”Inspiration”.
I have spent the last 3 days clearing out what no longer serves me, if  I have learned from it do not need to keep it in my closet. Why do we need to do that ?
Simple think of it this way you go to the grocery store to purchase what you need so that you have good food for your body. Hopefully you will use all that you purchased but  there are times that you do not , so you clear your fridge wash things down so you can bring in new healthy food . Life is the same way. You can not keep adding things without taking the time to understand if what you are keeping is serving you.
So here is my Challenge to you, today create a Tidal wave in your life so big that it will take you and your dream and move you forward.  No looking back , no fear of what if ,use the wave  like a surfer does.
Trust it , ride it  because when you do it will take you places you have never been before.
What  do you have to loose ?? Close your eyes, ask your Soul “What do I deserve at this time in my life ?”
Remember nothing ever stays the same !!

riding the waves

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