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We all have choices ... See MoreSee Less

No one knows better than someone else,
No one is above others.
No one has all of the answers.
No one is perfect
We all are a work in progress <3
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Relationships are important , lets value , respect , honor others .Lets remember that others react to the energy we are sending out even when we do not mean it .
Lets treasure and celebrate your uniqueness in others with the hope others do the same.
Lets not jump to conclusion when we do not know the full story.
No one is above or better than anyone else <3
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Growth requires Faith <3 ... See MoreSee Less

I love this and I will suggest you give it a try . Self sabotage is one of the things I see lots of in my Soul therapy sessions. We have been programmed to believe that we do not matter and that we do not make a difference .
We have been programmed that we need to push to be better , but better than what?
Self talk is an important part of our soul growth.
So Listen to what you tell yourself <3
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The world responds to our vibration , so lets check it before we tell the world that it needs changing .<3 ... See MoreSee Less

Start your day using the simple words
I Am........
Fill the blanks
I Am blessed to be alive !
I Am a better version of me!
I Am a Magnet for Joy !
I Am Me <3
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What are you giving energy to today ?
Be the Light that transforms not the light that conforms <3
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When the vibration of the universe is a bit heavy shift it. Transform negativity into positivity. ... See MoreSee Less

What do you send out in the world is a reflection of where your soul is at that moment <3 ... See MoreSee Less

Healthy boundaries are important ... See MoreSee Less

What are you telling yourself today ?? ... See MoreSee Less

Energy in movement allows us to create our reality.
What you desire is already here <3
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Shine my friend , simply shine <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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Spirit Messages

Spirit delivers in simple ways

Spirit has a very unique way to deliver messages . I was delivering a message for a client who has gone trough a rough patch in the last few years . Her loved one reminded her that it was true that her life has been shattered like a broken window in thousands of...

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Today I celebrate Me !

                                                                                                              Today is the beginning of my 6th decade in this world ! The last few weeks I have been thinking of where my life has taken . Many have asked how I am going to...

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Life may feel like quick sand

In the last year I have been working on perception . Many of us look at the same think but we describe it in different ways . There is no right nor wrong , just a different view ! Sometimes difficulties are a test to see how bad we want change . When we find ourselves...

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Mommy what does Heaven look like ??

This  morning a voice of a little boy asked me "Mommy what does Heaven look like?" I stopped what I was doing and set quietly and pondered on how to answer that question as I have seen Heaven a few times in this life time. I asked that voice why did He want to know ....

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Stepping Forward

Going from the Beginning of Time there is a Translucent light that lets you imagine . Emerge Through It !!! Bathing in the light allows you to understand what need to be done!!! It is like be reborn into a new life each time you do! As you Evolve you accept the Role...

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Create your waves with this new moon energy!

Today we are celebrating the fourth of July  , remembering that we are free. In the Spiritual world things are moving in a direction that is reminding Us that we are Alive, Awake and we are ready to create for ourselves what our Soul really Desires. So today is 7-4...

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No Limits!!

Many think that  in order to receive a good reading you have to sit in front of the medium. That is not  true and it is not needed it as Spirit know no limits. In the spirit world time and space don't really exist , does are things that we created to help us in our...

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