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We say we are spirit having a human experience, but we spend a lifetime remembering what that means ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you to all who reserved a set for this event.
We are sold out see you Sunday
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Remember who you really are <3 ... See MoreSee Less

What Story are you telling yourself?
Remember you are the Co-Creator of your reality
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Tomorrow is the last day to reserve your seat.
I just added 5 seats as the event is sold out
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Are you ready in a few minutes it will be 10 on 10-10
Make a wish and see it come to pass.
You got this
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This week I have had the pleasure to read for many who are Spiritually Awake .
Be your Authentic Self!
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We all ask for signs and Spirit delivers .Today I was talking to a friend while walking in my backyard .
Something told me to look up and I saw one of my white roses but something got my attention, a green spot in the center of it.
I got closer and here is what I saw.. (not a small one LOL )
And here is what it means :
What Does a Grasshopper Symbolize
A grasshopper symbolizes luck, abundance, courageousness, resourcefulness, insight, peace, patience, fertility, intuition, vibrancy, stability, security, solidarity, balance, freedom, joy, honor and creativity. Aided with an ability to move forward only, it suggests advance thinking and enlightenment.

Grasshopper Symbolisms According to Color
Green grasshopper: Signifies rejuvenation, fresh beginnings, adventure, growth, health and youthful concepts.
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Feeling Blessed .
Only 5 seats left
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Be kind to yourself . ... See MoreSee Less

Try doing this for 1 week.
When you wake up in the morning start the day by saying "I Am" ..
My favorite is I Am a limitless being.
Focus on what you are in the moment.
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Nancy Laporta Transmedium , Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less

Our loved ones are as close as we let them be <3 ... See MoreSee Less

Morning wisdom: Be your Authentic Self ... See MoreSee Less

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Spirit Messages

Spirit delivers in simple ways

Spirit has a very unique way to deliver messages . I was delivering a message for a client who has gone trough a rough patch in the last few years . Her loved one reminded her that it was true that her life has been shattered like a broken window in thousands of...

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Today I celebrate Me !

                                                                                                              Today is the beginning of my 6th decade in this world ! The last few weeks I have been thinking of where my life has taken . Many have asked how I am going to...

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Life may feel like quick sand

In the last year I have been working on perception . Many of us look at the same think but we describe it in different ways . There is no right nor wrong , just a different view ! Sometimes difficulties are a test to see how bad we want change . When we find ourselves...

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Mommy what does Heaven look like ??

This  morning a voice of a little boy asked me "Mommy what does Heaven look like?" I stopped what I was doing and set quietly and pondered on how to answer that question as I have seen Heaven a few times in this life time. I asked that voice why did He want to know ....

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Stepping Forward

Going from the Beginning of Time there is a Translucent light that lets you imagine . Emerge Through It !!! Bathing in the light allows you to understand what need to be done!!! It is like be reborn into a new life each time you do! As you Evolve you accept the Role...

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Create your waves with this new moon energy!

Today we are celebrating the fourth of July  , remembering that we are free. In the Spiritual world things are moving in a direction that is reminding Us that we are Alive, Awake and we are ready to create for ourselves what our Soul really Desires. So today is 7-4...

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No Limits!!

Many think that  in order to receive a good reading you have to sit in front of the medium. That is not  true and it is not needed it as Spirit know no limits. In the spirit world time and space don't really exist , does are things that we created to help us in our...

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