Who are Spirit Guides ?

As a Medium I am asked where and  how  do  I get my information.
The short answer is I am wired differently , I am an open vessel ( channel )and I receive information in a similar fashion than your computer receives downloads.
The information I receive is given to me in many ways and is delivered to me by
Loved Ones , Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Teachers, Master Teacher and directly from the Devine Source.
We all know about our Loved Ones as they walked with us on this plane ,and for those of you who say “but I did not know him/her as they passed when I was young they still lived in this life line .
For now lets talk about Spirit Guides.
Fist and foremost we all have them and we have many.
Spirit Guides have walked the earth  but do not belong to you.  They come into your life when you need them and have specific reasons why they show up.
For example You are struggling with financial stability in your life a Spirit guide will come into your life who will help you figure out what you need to do . They may feel like they come and go , that is because your needs change.
Many ask me can you tell me who my Guide is?  Gifted people can tell you that they see a guide but the name and the relationship  his yours to find out as Guides are  uniquely tailored to you.
I ,like you  , have many.  I would have to write a book to tell you how they all showed up in my life.
My first guide showed up when I was 5 and his name is Checka  , I did not choose him and I did not name him. I have  a very Strong bond with him.
The  last  guide showed up past night  her name is Mona. She is gorgeous and has a personality. Fun and energetic. She reminds me of Gina Lollobrigida ( an Italian actress from back in the days) .I did  not ask for her but I know why she showed up and I am Super Excited that she is here . She is here to help with the Mystical in me.