Mediumship Readings


A Medium, in a simple definition, has the ability to have an exchange with the Spirit world. The Medium is able to communicate between both the physical and spiritual realms.

The Medium acts as the intermediary when a person asks a question as I want to “Connect with my Dad”. The Medium is able to contact or feel that spirit to receive and then pass on any messages that need to be delivered.

A Medium is one who also will use their gifts to educate seekers of spirit. There is great responsibility taken by the Medium to use the practice with clear and pure intentions. Mediums connect with your loved ones, your Archangels, and Guides.

Readings last one hour and may be in person, over the phone or on-line using Skype or Google Hangouts

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Life Readings

Fork-in-the-road-at-treeOne of the defining characteristics of a good spiritual advisor is their ability to help you bring clarity and purpose to your day to day life.

In a Life Reading, Nancy will help you get a better handle on where you are at this juncture in your life. With a clear picture of your current state and the underlying energetics, Nancy will help you uncover your most powerful way forward. These readings can help you free yourself from the tangled uncertainties of the past and move swiftly into the Life Path that is most deeply calling you.


Past Life Regression


Past-life regression therapy is based upon the premise that we are eternal beings who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. As eternal souls, we experience physical life on Earth in a series of human bodies and associated personalities.

On a soul level, we choose each life circumstance as a means of challenging ourselves with new situations and opportunities for learning. Of course, some people believe we only live one human lifetime. In this case, the stories elicited by this therapeutic approach serve as marvelous symbolic metaphors for the issues and situations being faced in the present time. Whether uncovering ‘real’ past-lives or not, the approach has helped many people resolve issues and get past stuck points that were resistant to other therapeutic approaches. In addition, it’s a fascinating way to experience other aspects of yourself and your personality.

Readings last one hour and may be in person, over the phone or on-line using Skype or Google Hangouts

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Akashic Records Reading


The Akashic records (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether”) are collectively understood to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is encoded in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence. One could look upon it as a library of light wherein one can access all information.

The Akashic Records are understood to have existed since the beginning of The Creation and even before. Just as we have various specialty libraries (e.g., medical, law), there are said to exist various Akashic Records (e.g., human, animal, plant, mineral, etc) encoding Universal lore. Most writings refer to the Akashic Records in the area of human experience but it is understood that all phenomenal experience as well as transcendental knowledge is encoded therein.

Reading Akashic Records is a one hour session during such time as the Akashic Records are open you can ask any questions you may have. This type of reading may be done in person, over the phone, or Via the internet with skype or Google Hangouts

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  • Personal and Home Cleansing
  • Paranormal Cleansing
  • Herbal/Crystal Enhancements

For these or other services please call Nancy at 224-848-9065 or contact her by email.


  • Psychic Medium
  • Transmedium
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Akashic Record Reader
  • Medium for Paranormal Groups
  • Mentor for Soul Searchers