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Today I asked what do We need to know and this was the answer

What does it say to you ?
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We surround ourselves with people who help us remember who we are.
A wise woman toughed me that some people stay for a season,some for a reason and some a lifetime.
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Take some time for yourself . Sit still and let the energy move trough you , with you .
Let your soul speak <3528 Hz to Let Go Of Metal blocks, Cleanse Self Sabotage & Fear, Release Self Doubt, Inner Conflict and inner struggle, get mental clarity while you relax, re...
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When I connect with Spirit I do not need to know why they give me what they do. I only know it is to help the client.
So I decided to share this story with you !
Moonkist Sammy recommends Nancy Laporta Transmedium , Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor.
January 23 ·

Sharing a letter to Nancy has helped up so much along the way
Do you remember when we made an offer on a different house right before we bought our house? You mentioned something about paperwork. You said you were seeing something about paper and paperwork on a desk.
We were double checking all of our accounts and making sure that we didn’t have a bill or something that we didn’t know about. Anyway, they didn’t accept our offer.
So (sorry long story. Ha) I think it was the next day I saw our house pop up on Redfin and I knew it was going to be ours.
After they accepted our offer and before we closed, I met the sellers agent at the house to talk about some belongings they were leaving behind.
The agent told me about how he was good friends with the man that had lived in the house and that there were multiple offers. He also mentioned that the man’s daughter had made a deal with someone to sell the house and it was all set to close a couple of weeks prior. However, he was helping go through some of the previous owners belongings and discovered a letter on his desk in the basement office. The letter was written by the previous owner and stated that he wanted him to be in charge of listing and selling the home. So...the daughter decided to honor the request, the deal with the other person was no longer on the table, and the house was listed.
Anyway, I always think about it and believe that this was the letter on the desk you mentioned.
Thanks again for everything!what they do, I only know it is to help the client.
So I decided to share this story with you !!
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As a Montessori teacher I believe in individuality . Not one of us is like the other . Be yourself .We got a lot to learn...

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Elle Jose recommends Nancy Laporta Transmedium , Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor.
3 hrs ·
This wonderful spiritual experience that I am having is truly a gift from my Source. I am very grateful that I have crossed path with Nancy Laporta because she has guided, showed and taught me things that I wouldn't believe I have in me. One is having the experience of being healed by great spirits using her as the conduit of healing. The energy was always amazing and the heat, coldness and the vibrations of her hands when she was laying them on me were beyond extraordinary. I used tohave an abnormal beats in my heart, but after she had worked on me, its been verified by my Cardiologist that my heart is now beating in a normal pace. I've been on her table a couple of more times afterwards, and I know that whatever ailments I have prior to laying on her table were healed. Her readings are always spot on too.
Nancy has worked on me, my husband and son. She has been a wonderful soul that always goes an extra mile to make sure that everything worked out for the highest good of all. I have learned so much from her. She is a real deal! Her gift is so powerful and I am very fortunate that our paths have crossed. She is a woman with a big HEART.
Blessings, Light and Love,
Ellen P.
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