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Do You know How to Listen ??

I start my morning with quiet , no noise , just me a cup of coffee and the nothing .
As I sat there for the last few weeks thinking of the many sessions when people have difficulties with relationships I hear                                                                                                                            “No One Knows How to LISTEN ”
If you know me you know that I have “crazy” conversations with spirit.
So I asked what do you mean ??  Here is what I received .
” In the Quiet of the moment Sit Still and you Will hear more than in the Loud Voice of Thunder !!”
I asked what does that mean?
I was told ” Learn to listen with Intention of Understanding. Do not pass Judgment .
Listen with intention not to hear what you think/want to hear!!
A Soul Talks Without Words!!
Words Leave a Imprint in a Soul!
They are Deep as the Groove of an old Record .
With Words there is Chaos !
With Stillness there is Peace !

When Spirit needs to talk to you …

In my travels I meet many people , many became my clients.
Some clients love to share space with me when I come to Chicago and that is true for a lovely lady who I met a few years back.
People contact me in many different ways .
In January of this year I received a vision from spirit of what I needed to do next and that it was time to take to Chicago.
I often ask :Is this really what you want me to do ? ”
On this particular day I heard “YES” and I heard my phone notification that I had a text.
I read the text it was from the lovely lady from Chicago asking me to please let her know when I was going to be in Chicago.
Once I knew for sure of dates I texted this woman back but never heard back from her .
As I prepared for my trip a lady (in spirit ) kept saying you need to call her ,referring to the woman who texted me in January,
so I did.
The woman answered and was so happy to hear from me .
I told her that my call was in response to her text message and she said ” Nancy I DID NOT TEXT YOU ”
I had the pleasure to read for her yesterday and decided to show her the text I received from her , she looked at me after looking at the number that the text was sent from  It was her land line .
We all know the old fashion land line does not send text messages  but her loved ones made sure that I did connect with her on this trip as she needed to hear from them .
Spirit reminded us that when there is a will there is a way.
For a minute I laughed as the image of E.T. call home crossed my mind, but I am very familiar with the Love that connects us to those in Spirit !!

It is all about perseption

Have you ever noticed how two people can be looking at the same thing but yet see something different ?
In my class I put on orange in between me and my student .
I saw spots and bumps , she saw the green on top and some discoloration , we both were looking at the same orange !
Life is the same way.
When helping people I often hear but why she/he does not understand?
How often we say put yourself in her/his shoes ?

Perception is a reflection of where your soul finds itself at that moment !
In that moment we are looking at things with our nose to close to the person/situation.
Step back , look at the bigger situation, fly like the eagle and see all that is involved .
And more important ask yourself why did you choose this person/situation ?
Are you the victim or the victor?
Is life happening to you or are you making it happen for you ?
Remember you wrote your life story before you came here and you chose the players in it , so stop looking at them look at you , what is your soul trying to remember? what is your soul trying to learn??

A quick update

In the next few days I will be traveling and doing private events.
I will return all messages and emails when I get back.
Schedule is filling up fast for the next 2 months.
Reserve your session by visiting my website and choose what service you are interested in.1173898_721786684540742_1461152052_n
Thank you


Life is like a movie!!

I have had the honor of reading for many thousands of people.
Every session is different and special.
Spirit never stops to amaze me. In one of my sessions today a father reached to his daughter with love and fun. He reminded her that life goes on .
He showed me and old VHS movie and told his daughter that  she could not stay stuck on one seen from the past because if she did she will never know what the ending would be.
I can still feel the love he has for her and how he wants to help her.
Today session was a big reminder for me on how people choose to stay in what took place in the past and make excuses, blame others just so that they  do not face what is to come.
Yesterday  is gone  learn from it, use the experience as a building block for the future.
Honor yourself and your emotions. Be as authentic as you can.
Life is an amazing journey . Trust it , embrace it , honor it.

I Am Blessed


I Am Blessed with an amazing gift that allows me to help so many and while helping others I am helped. When working with Spirit we are in Spirit.
The last few days Spirit has been reminding me to pay attention to all of the messages we receive even the small ones.
For example a few months ago I was standing next to a woman who is taller than me and her energy was of someone who likes to appear strong and secure  but Spirit showed me that she was like the tower of Pisa , leaning .  Few months have gone by and I see clearly what Spirit was showing me, what she appeared to be and what she is are two very different things.
When we receive a message we need to trust it .
How many of you have met someone who said Trust Me but your intuition said not to but you did anyway and a later you said ” I should have trusted my gut feeling ” ?
Know that Gut Feeling is a Blessing a pure line of communication in between you and the Devine and it was given to all of us for our Highest Purpose

2016 is a year of resolution

2015 has been a year of review for me ! Going within and paying close attention to what I am showed for myself and others. A Renewed sense of Peace and Direction has remerged.
In 2015 Spirit reminded that it is as simple as just be  , so my mantra has been” I Am “.
A few days ago as I woke up Spirit said it is time for the next step , I was given a glimpse   what that is , My new mantra is ” I Am Blessed”
Part of the glimpse is travel  not for vacation or fame but traveling to be “of Service”
One of the cities that I will be touching is Chicago , the place I called home for 35 years.
I will be updating the calendar of Events soon.

Changes are coming!!


I have been a bit quiet  but busy working on letting things unfold in my life!
My practice has been growing and I feel very blessed to know that my gift touches the lives of many.  I love the fact that when we work with/in Spirit the physical distance does not matter. I love Skype as it lets us “be” in the room together. The quality of the session does not change. Many of you felt that it is more intense as there are no distractions.
I am truly  blessed to be  able to connect with all of you allover the world. I am happy that I can communicate in more than one language.
Using the website to contact me is the best way at this time!
December is around the corner and so much is coming with it. Stay tuned!