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Life may feel like quick sand

In the last year I have been working on perception .
Many of us look at the same think but we describe it in different ways .
There is no right nor wrong , just a different view !

Sometimes difficulties are a test to see how bad we want change .
When we find ourselves at  a crossroad  we hope to find the path of least resistance .

Sometimes we treat difficulties as quick sand .
What we may not realized is that the more we wiggle, struggle, fight and try to  move around trying to control the outcome the more we sink into it .
Once we let go of control  we will  realized that the quicksand  is  the solid road under our feet  to better navigate the true path of our life.

The Pool of Knowledge we draw from is Immense

Many times when I sit in Spirit with others I am asked where I get my information.
For me the answer is simple I am plugged in to what I call Source, it has been given many names but in the end it is all the same. People ask if you have to be Special to be able to do so. The answer is No. Many of us have been Gifted with the ability to make this connection in natural way, but it does not mean that you can not. Source (God) does not make exceptions.
Having said that I like to suggest that when you choose to sit with someone for guidance know what you are looking for and trust your Intuition as well.
Do not let title impress you, Just because Someone says they are Spiritual does not make them Superior to you or anyone else.
Even in the so called Spiritual World there are negative vibrations like greed, competition, back stabbing and more. I have asked Spirit for clarity and guidance as since I moved from Chicago I have found myself guiding some of my clients to others who can help them in person.
This morning Spirit Showed me this beautiful waterfall. The water was coming down from Rocks (Source) above me, I could see a cave trough the water( in this cave all Spiritual Truths are saved) and the water ended in this deep Body of water ( Eternal Knowledge).
Spirit said that the Pool of Knowledge we all Draw from is Immense. Not to worry about how we draw from but to know that we can All bathe in it at anytime.
I felt a reminder to Keep the Intention Pure. I was called to Help people in there quest to understand who they are and what they are, and to trust that I am a drop of water from that Pool of Knowledge and I am not the only one who will help others grow. I have to Trust that Source will guide each Soul along the way .