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Ego and Humble , the chiken or the egg dilemma

For a few years I have been contemplating on 2 words , Ego and Humble .
A while back someone told me that I needed to eat some humble pie .
So since I speak more than one language I have been dissecting this 2 words among many others.
Then this morning someone asked me My definition of Ego .
So I decided to open it up for discussion , with the understanding that there is no right or wrong but only how we perceive .
Are this 2 words (Ego and Humble) the state of our mind?
Are they the separation of mind and soul ?
Where does Ego reside ?
What is Humble ?
Where does Humble reside ?
Is this where the war in between the Angels started ??
Does it have to be good or bad ??

Letters from Heaven

Every session is as different as the person I sit with .
Not one session is like the other, what I love are the simple yet profound lessons delivered from spirit.
Many times before I sit with someone there loved one will come to visit me before the session.
Last week as I sat quietly with my coffee and a man (in spirit) shows up next to me and he kept showing me a young boy and he said ” I changed his life when he was seventeen ”
He gave me other information and cried , that told me the session was a bench mark for the person who would be sitting with me .
In the afternoon I sat with a man in his early thirties.
The man (in spirit) who had visited me in the morning came and sat with us .
He started by showing me the young  man at the age of seventeen .
He showed me that the young man found him hanging inside a barn looking building , and when he saw him he did not think twice .
He took him  down and tried to revive his dad in the hope that he could bring him back.
As the dad was showing me this he told his son :” when I saw you carrying me on your shoulder and trying to bring me back to live I felt and saw what a big hole I made in your heart. Thank you for loving me !”
The session went on and the young man let me know that he had been emotionally numb since that  day.
His father gave him many messages letting him know that he never left his side.
The young man cried and asked me to tell his dad that he forgave him , his father told him to forgive himself first because he was not the cause of his passing and needed to stop blaming himself for not been there to stop him .
By time the session was over the young man felt at peace and now he was giving himself permission to feel again .
Love is a powerful tool , forgiveness gives us permission to be ourselves without limitation .

Mommy what does Heaven look like ??

This  morning a voice of a little boy asked me “Mommy what does Heaven look like?”
I stopped what I was doing and set quietly and pondered on how to answer that question as I have seen Heaven a few times in this life time.
I asked that voice why did He want to know .
He said I see suffering all around us.
I saw a older woman who is all alone , lost her cat last week and not sure how her dog is going to be, it was her birthday and all she wanted was a hug from a friend but she never got it!
I saw a woman who lost her brother to drug overdose and all she wanted was to die with him and yet she has to be strong.
I saw a woman who lost her job and has children to feed and no one is there to help her .
I saw the man who is afraid to tell his family that the doctor told him he does not have long to live.
So if I Could show people what heaven looks like I could give them a reason to stay here and know that there is much more for them and it is worth to keep going!

I could feel what the Child wanted to do !
He wants to give the world Hope.
Heaven is a place where the heart and the mind are at peace with each other and where you do not need to prove to be anything other than pure love.
When I have been on the other side my worries were gone and I knew that I was what I am meant to be , not what someone else expected me to be !
Like the Spirit Child that showed up for me this morning I would love to remind all of us that we are here to bring Hope to each other .

Life is like a movie!!

I have had the honor of reading for many thousands of people.
Every session is different and special.
Spirit never stops to amaze me. In one of my sessions today a father reached to his daughter with love and fun. He reminded her that life goes on .
He showed me and old VHS movie and told his daughter that  she could not stay stuck on one seen from the past because if she did she will never know what the ending would be.
I can still feel the love he has for her and how he wants to help her.
Today session was a big reminder for me on how people choose to stay in what took place in the past and make excuses, blame others just so that they  do not face what is to come.
Yesterday  is gone  learn from it, use the experience as a building block for the future.
Honor yourself and your emotions. Be as authentic as you can.
Life is an amazing journey . Trust it , embrace it , honor it.