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Life is like a movie!!

I have had the honor of reading for many thousands of people.
Every session is different and special.
Spirit never stops to amaze me. In one of my sessions today a father reached to his daughter with love and fun. He reminded her that life goes on .
He showed me and old VHS movie and told his daughter that  she could not stay stuck on one seen from the past because if she did she will never know what the ending would be.
I can still feel the love he has for her and how he wants to help her.
Today session was a big reminder for me on how people choose to stay in what took place in the past and make excuses, blame others just so that they  do not face what is to come.
Yesterday  is gone  learn from it, use the experience as a building block for the future.
Honor yourself and your emotions. Be as authentic as you can.
Life is an amazing journey . Trust it , embrace it , honor it.

New Beginning!!

One thing I know for sure (no need to be a psychic for this one ) life never stays the same!
Many of us chose to stay in a routine like life,and think and feel that there is more to life.
We continue to go on day in ,day out feeling that way and than life trows us a curve ball and we have no choice but to change direction. New beginnings are like a new day, like a quick summer rain.. It is needed it and it always welcome.. past_life1