Life may feel like quick sand

In the last year I have been working on perception .
Many of us look at the same think but we describe it in different ways .
There is no right nor wrong , just a different view !

Sometimes difficulties are a test to see how bad we want change .
When we find ourselves at  a crossroad  we hope to find the path of least resistance .

Sometimes we treat difficulties as quick sand .
What we may not realized is that the more we wiggle, struggle, fight and try to  move around trying to control the outcome the more we sink into it .
Once we let go of control  we will  realized that the quicksand  is  the solid road under our feet  to better navigate the true path of our life.

Mommy what does Heaven look like ??

This  morning a voice of a little boy asked me “Mommy what does Heaven look like?”
I stopped what I was doing and set quietly and pondered on how to answer that question as I have seen Heaven a few times in this life time.
I asked that voice why did He want to know .
He said I see suffering all around us.
I saw a older woman who is all alone , lost her cat last week and not sure how her dog is going to be, it was her birthday and all she wanted was a hug from a friend but she never got it!
I saw a woman who lost her brother to drug overdose and all she wanted was to die with him and yet she has to be strong.
I saw a woman who lost her job and has children to feed and no one is there to help her .
I saw the man who is afraid to tell his family that the doctor told him he does not have long to live.
So if I Could show people what heaven looks like I could give them a reason to stay here and know that there is much more for them and it is worth to keep going!

I could feel what the Child wanted to do !
He wants to give the world Hope.
Heaven is a place where the heart and the mind are at peace with each other and where you do not need to prove to be anything other than pure love.
When I have been on the other side my worries were gone and I knew that I was what I am meant to be , not what someone else expected me to be !
Like the Spirit Child that showed up for me this morning I would love to remind all of us that we are here to bring Hope to each other .

Stepping Forward

Going from the Beginning of Time there is a Translucent light that lets you imagine .
Emerge Through It !!!
Bathing in the light allows you to understand what need to be done!!!
It is like be reborn into a new life each time you do!
As you Evolve you accept the Role (new yet familiar).
Light is not as you define it in the Human Consciousness, human speak of light as bright or dark , We know that Light is Freedom.
Letting go of Boundaries, Limitations, Rules, Roles that we created I this reality so that we can allow the human body to have a weight {so called grounding) will give us the freedom we need to move forward.
Our brothers and sisters in spirit are awaiting for the Reconnection of Spiritual Sensitivity!
Been One with  One Another  has been the Primary Goal of human consciousness.
When we disconnect from we are lost.
Human Kind is very scattered at this time , fear roams the land.
People are trying to find Values to Bring them a sense of Peace!
It is short lived my friend, as those Values are  outlived and outdated, no longer serving the hunger of the evolved soul.
New Life is coming in Fragile and Broken due to the resistance of the mothers to see what is now needed. A mother is like a New Constellation giving Birth to a new form of life. Many of the New Children are Entering at fast speed and are encountering great obstacles, like meteors trying to break trough the stratosphere, falling apart, never  making it here or with missing parts.
The new generation is coming in to Help fix what we destroyed.
It is time for the Elder, Wise, Sage, Teacher, Healer to stand as they should, to bring forward the knowledge accumulated over many life times.
If you are a Teacher, Leader, Elder, Wise, Sage Healer ALLOW the  lessons that have been imprinted in you to Reemerge via dream , visions, words , stop blocking it.
It is Time to stand to help and to reunite, the future depends on it ! 10303445_624495577641421_5748487008472321277_n

Create your waves with this new moon energy!

Today we are celebrating the fourth of July  , remembering that we are free.
In the Spiritual world things are moving in a direction that is reminding Us that we are Alive, Awake and we are ready to create for ourselves what our Soul really Desires.
So today is 7-4 which totals 11 (awakening) , we have a new moon  in Cancer ( sensitivity, intuition)  what a great combination .
Great reminder for all of us that We are free to manifest from a place that resides in us”Inspiration”.
I have spent the last 3 days clearing out what no longer serves me, if  I have learned from it do not need to keep it in my closet. Why do we need to do that ?
Simple think of it this way you go to the grocery store to purchase what you need so that you have good food for your body. Hopefully you will use all that you purchased but  there are times that you do not , so you clear your fridge wash things down so you can bring in new healthy food . Life is the same way. You can not keep adding things without taking the time to understand if what you are keeping is serving you.
So here is my Challenge to you, today create a Tidal wave in your life so big that it will take you and your dream and move you forward.  No looking back , no fear of what if ,use the wave  like a surfer does.
Trust it , ride it  because when you do it will take you places you have never been before.
What  do you have to loose ?? Close your eyes, ask your Soul “What do I deserve at this time in my life ?”
Remember nothing ever stays the same !!

riding the waves

A quick update

In the next few days I will be traveling and doing private events.
I will return all messages and emails when I get back.
Schedule is filling up fast for the next 2 months.
Reserve your session by visiting my website and choose what service you are interested in.1173898_721786684540742_1461152052_n
Thank you


Life is like a movie!!

I have had the honor of reading for many thousands of people.
Every session is different and special.
Spirit never stops to amaze me. In one of my sessions today a father reached to his daughter with love and fun. He reminded her that life goes on .
He showed me and old VHS movie and told his daughter that  she could not stay stuck on one seen from the past because if she did she will never know what the ending would be.
I can still feel the love he has for her and how he wants to help her.
Today session was a big reminder for me on how people choose to stay in what took place in the past and make excuses, blame others just so that they  do not face what is to come.
Yesterday  is gone  learn from it, use the experience as a building block for the future.
Honor yourself and your emotions. Be as authentic as you can.
Life is an amazing journey . Trust it , embrace it , honor it.

Who are Spirit Guides ?

As a Medium I am asked where and  how  do  I get my information.
The short answer is I am wired differently , I am an open vessel ( channel )and I receive information in a similar fashion than your computer receives downloads.
The information I receive is given to me in many ways and is delivered to me by
Loved Ones , Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Teachers, Master Teacher and directly from the Devine Source.
We all know about our Loved Ones as they walked with us on this plane ,and for those of you who say “but I did not know him/her as they passed when I was young they still lived in this life line .
For now lets talk about Spirit Guides.
Fist and foremost we all have them and we have many.
Spirit Guides have walked the earth  but do not belong to you.  They come into your life when you need them and have specific reasons why they show up.
For example You are struggling with financial stability in your life a Spirit guide will come into your life who will help you figure out what you need to do . They may feel like they come and go , that is because your needs change.
Many ask me can you tell me who my Guide is?  Gifted people can tell you that they see a guide but the name and the relationship  his yours to find out as Guides are  uniquely tailored to you.
I ,like you  , have many.  I would have to write a book to tell you how they all showed up in my life.
My first guide showed up when I was 5 and his name is Checka  , I did not choose him and I did not name him. I have  a very Strong bond with him.
The  last  guide showed up past night  her name is Mona. She is gorgeous and has a personality. Fun and energetic. She reminds me of Gina Lollobrigida ( an Italian actress from back in the days) .I did  not ask for her but I know why she showed up and I am Super Excited that she is here . She is here to help with the Mystical in me.

I Am Blessed


I Am Blessed with an amazing gift that allows me to help so many and while helping others I am helped. When working with Spirit we are in Spirit.
The last few days Spirit has been reminding me to pay attention to all of the messages we receive even the small ones.
For example a few months ago I was standing next to a woman who is taller than me and her energy was of someone who likes to appear strong and secure  but Spirit showed me that she was like the tower of Pisa , leaning .  Few months have gone by and I see clearly what Spirit was showing me, what she appeared to be and what she is are two very different things.
When we receive a message we need to trust it .
How many of you have met someone who said Trust Me but your intuition said not to but you did anyway and a later you said ” I should have trusted my gut feeling ” ?
Know that Gut Feeling is a Blessing a pure line of communication in between you and the Devine and it was given to all of us for our Highest Purpose

2016 is a year of resolution

2015 has been a year of review for me ! Going within and paying close attention to what I am showed for myself and others. A Renewed sense of Peace and Direction has remerged.
In 2015 Spirit reminded that it is as simple as just be  , so my mantra has been” I Am “.
A few days ago as I woke up Spirit said it is time for the next step , I was given a glimpse   what that is , My new mantra is ” I Am Blessed”
Part of the glimpse is travel  not for vacation or fame but traveling to be “of Service”
One of the cities that I will be touching is Chicago , the place I called home for 35 years.
I will be updating the calendar of Events soon.