I Am Blessed


I Am Blessed with an amazing gift that allows me to help so many and while helping others I am helped. When working with Spirit we are in Spirit.
The last few days Spirit has been reminding me to pay attention to all of the messages we receive even the small ones.
For example a few months ago I was standing next to a woman who is taller than me and her energy was of someone who likes to appear strong and secure  but Spirit showed me that she was like the tower of Pisa , leaning .  Few months have gone by and I see clearly what Spirit was showing me, what she appeared to be and what she is are two very different things.
When we receive a message we need to trust it .
How many of you have met someone who said Trust Me but your intuition said not to but you did anyway and a later you said ” I should have trusted my gut feeling ” ?
Know that Gut Feeling is a Blessing a pure line of communication in between you and the Devine and it was given to all of us for our Highest Purpose

2016 is a year of resolution

2015 has been a year of review for me ! Going within and paying close attention to what I am showed for myself and others. A Renewed sense of Peace and Direction has remerged.
In 2015 Spirit reminded that it is as simple as just be  , so my mantra has been” I Am “.
A few days ago as I woke up Spirit said it is time for the next step , I was given a glimpse   what that is , My new mantra is ” I Am Blessed”
Part of the glimpse is travel  not for vacation or fame but traveling to be “of Service”
One of the cities that I will be touching is Chicago , the place I called home for 35 years.
I will be updating the calendar of Events soon.

Changes are coming!!


I have been a bit quiet  but busy working on letting things unfold in my life!
My practice has been growing and I feel very blessed to know that my gift touches the lives of many.  I love the fact that when we work with/in Spirit the physical distance does not matter. I love Skype as it lets us “be” in the room together. The quality of the session does not change. Many of you felt that it is more intense as there are no distractions.
I am truly  blessed to be  able to connect with all of you allover the world. I am happy that I can communicate in more than one language.
Using the website to contact me is the best way at this time!
December is around the corner and so much is coming with it. Stay tuned!

The Pool of Knowledge we draw from is Immense

Many times when I sit in Spirit with others I am asked where I get my information.
For me the answer is simple I am plugged in to what I call Source, it has been given many names but in the end it is all the same. People ask if you have to be Special to be able to do so. The answer is No. Many of us have been Gifted with the ability to make this connection in natural way, but it does not mean that you can not. Source (God) does not make exceptions.
Having said that I like to suggest that when you choose to sit with someone for guidance know what you are looking for and trust your Intuition as well.
Do not let title impress you, Just because Someone says they are Spiritual does not make them Superior to you or anyone else.
Even in the so called Spiritual World there are negative vibrations like greed, competition, back stabbing and more. I have asked Spirit for clarity and guidance as since I moved from Chicago I have found myself guiding some of my clients to others who can help them in person.
This morning Spirit Showed me this beautiful waterfall. The water was coming down from Rocks (Source) above me, I could see a cave trough the water( in this cave all Spiritual Truths are saved) and the water ended in this deep Body of water ( Eternal Knowledge).
Spirit said that the Pool of Knowledge we all Draw from is Immense. Not to worry about how we draw from but to know that we can All bathe in it at anytime.
I felt a reminder to Keep the Intention Pure. I was called to Help people in there quest to understand who they are and what they are, and to trust that I am a drop of water from that Pool of Knowledge and I am not the only one who will help others grow. I have to Trust that Source will guide each Soul along the way .


Hello from Virginia Beach

I wanted to take the time to say hello to all the new people that Spirit has brought into my life since I have moved here, and to all who continue to be my dear clients , students and friend! I have been wishing that people here would be able to talk to All of you who have shared my life.
To all of you who are asking when will I be back in Chicago I do not have a date yet. To all who have told me how much you miss me please know that I miss all of you as well.
Spirit has no Limits and the bonds that spirit has created for me are very strong and alive.
Because of ALL of you I am Happy to Be who I Am. My passion for what I was put here to do grows stronger .

Thank you.


No Limits!!

Many think that  in order to receive a good reading you have to sit in front of the medium.
That is not  true and it is not needed it as Spirit know no limits.
In the spirit world time and space don’t really exist , does are things that we created to help us in our normal daily life.  For example Spirit may say soon but soon for them could be one year or more.
The same goes for a good Medium who is trusted by Spirit , no limits.. Give your reader an opportunity to show you by asking him or her to do a phone session  no limits

New Beginning!!

One thing I know for sure (no need to be a psychic for this one ) life never stays the same!
Many of us chose to stay in a routine like life,and think and feel that there is more to life.
We continue to go on day in ,day out feeling that way and than life trows us a curve ball and we have no choice but to change direction. New beginnings are like a new day, like a quick summer rain.. It is needed it and it always welcome.. past_life1

Evening with Nancy Laporta and Darren Robb

This is a very Special Event  as it maybe one of the last Public events I will be doing here in Chicago as I am moving to Virginia Beach.
Do not miss this Powerful Evening with too Spiritualist.
Darren is the male version of me!
Call me at 224-848-9065 to reserve your seat and save $25 dollars.


Be open to Receive!!

I know that we believe  that Spirit listens to us. We pray, we ask and then we get busy with our lives . We do not hear the answer  so we think that Spirit did not care.
The Reality is we are not as open as Spirit is.
So stop “Open your hart, mind and soul and Listen” the answer does not always come the way you think!!1947694_10152109813666647_566096839_n