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The power of Words , today’s word is Integrity !!

Over the years in this country I have been studying words ( dissecting them )to understand their full meaning in order to apply them correctly , I think that most people who speak more than one language do .
I noticed we use phrases without understanding what they really mean .
I teach about the importance of using words with intention , after all with intention we create .
what we think , what we say will manifest into reality .
We use words without realizing that words can make or break others .
The reality is that when we speak we do it from where we sit not the person we are speaking to .
How we deliver and/or receive messages is a perception and a reflection of where our soul is at that moment .
Communication is becaming a lost art.
Lets all remember to not speak just for the sake of talking .
Like everyone else I like to grow as I like to be the most authentic me !
So for today lets dissect the word Integrity. What is your definition of it ?

Ego and Humble , the chiken or the egg dilemma

For a few years I have been contemplating on 2 words , Ego and Humble .
A while back someone told me that I needed to eat some humble pie .
So since I speak more than one language I have been dissecting this 2 words among many others.
Then this morning someone asked me My definition of Ego .
So I decided to open it up for discussion , with the understanding that there is no right or wrong but only how we perceive .
Are this 2 words (Ego and Humble) the state of our mind?
Are they the separation of mind and soul ?
Where does Ego reside ?
What is Humble ?
Where does Humble reside ?
Is this where the war in between the Angels started ??
Does it have to be good or bad ??

It is easy to say Thank you

It is easy to say thank you to situation and people that make out day to day pleasant , but have you ever considered giving Thanks to what/who is difficult in our lives ??
Let me explain .
I had stopped writing/blogging because a person who I cared for told me that “I was not writer ”
I have spent a few years thinking about those words.
Over time I realized that I was looking it at the situation from the wrong prospective , I was letting my insecurity about the fact that English is my second language stop me .
Many who speak more than one language as I do analyze and sometimes over analyze words to make sure that they are the correct ones , or that they are used correctly.
I also realized that by doing so I found that words have so much more power and we take things for granted .
Because of that person comment I study words and look at them with very simple yet profound renewed way .
Here a simple example : Inspiration = In Spirit = working from/with Spirit
So Thank You to the person who told me that writing is not for me !
I am forever grateful to you !
I Live to Inspire others as Spirit Inspires me !

Spirit delivers in simple ways

Spirit has a very unique way to deliver messages .
I was delivering a message for a client who has gone trough a rough patch in the last few years .
Her loved one reminded her that it was true that her life has been shattered like a broken window in thousands of pieces, but it is also true that you can use the shattered pieces to create a beautiful stain glass that will be full of meaning and will be valued much more than a plain glass window !!

Do You know How to Listen ??

I start my morning with quiet , no noise , just me a cup of coffee and the nothing .
As I sat there for the last few weeks thinking of the many sessions when people have difficulties with relationships I hear                                                                                                                            “No One Knows How to LISTEN ”
If you know me you know that I have “crazy” conversations with spirit.
So I asked what do you mean ??  Here is what I received .
” In the Quiet of the moment Sit Still and you Will hear more than in the Loud Voice of Thunder !!”
I asked what does that mean?
I was told ” Learn to listen with Intention of Understanding. Do not pass Judgment .
Listen with intention not to hear what you think/want to hear!!
A Soul Talks Without Words!!
Words Leave a Imprint in a Soul!
They are Deep as the Groove of an old Record .
With Words there is Chaos !
With Stillness there is Peace !

Today I celebrate Me !

                                                                                                              Today is the beginning of my 6th decade in this world !
The last few weeks I have been thinking of where my life has taken .
Many have asked how I am going to celebrate today .
I sat quietly with myself and decide that it is time for Me .
My mind has gone to the last few decades of my life and realized that when I turned 40 my divorce was final and a new way of life started .
When I turned 50 I fought to stay alive , ten years ago this month I had to choose chemo and radiation to stay in this world .
My children stood by my side and helped me get trough it .
I have been reminded by Spirit that I was gifted another decade to make a difference in this world and I said Yes to it .
Ten years later deciding to use my gifts to help the world I have been  shown  that listening to Spirit and saying Yes everyday   when you bless you are blessed , when you love you are loved .
It does not take much .
Today I took the day for ME . I have been reminded that it is now time to Shine and let others shine along the way .
So with a Grateful Hear I say I AM Ready for More !!

When Spirit needs to talk to you …

In my travels I meet many people , many became my clients.
Some clients love to share space with me when I come to Chicago and that is true for a lovely lady who I met a few years back.
People contact me in many different ways .
In January of this year I received a vision from spirit of what I needed to do next and that it was time to take to Chicago.
I often ask :Is this really what you want me to do ? ”
On this particular day I heard “YES” and I heard my phone notification that I had a text.
I read the text it was from the lovely lady from Chicago asking me to please let her know when I was going to be in Chicago.
Once I knew for sure of dates I texted this woman back but never heard back from her .
As I prepared for my trip a lady (in spirit ) kept saying you need to call her ,referring to the woman who texted me in January,
so I did.
The woman answered and was so happy to hear from me .
I told her that my call was in response to her text message and she said ” Nancy I DID NOT TEXT YOU ”
I had the pleasure to read for her yesterday and decided to show her the text I received from her , she looked at me after looking at the number that the text was sent from  It was her land line .
We all know the old fashion land line does not send text messages  but her loved ones made sure that I did connect with her on this trip as she needed to hear from them .
Spirit reminded us that when there is a will there is a way.
For a minute I laughed as the image of E.T. call home crossed my mind, but I am very familiar with the Love that connects us to those in Spirit !!

It is all about perseption

Have you ever noticed how two people can be looking at the same thing but yet see something different ?
In my class I put on orange in between me and my student .
I saw spots and bumps , she saw the green on top and some discoloration , we both were looking at the same orange !
Life is the same way.
When helping people I often hear but why she/he does not understand?
How often we say put yourself in her/his shoes ?

Perception is a reflection of where your soul finds itself at that moment !
In that moment we are looking at things with our nose to close to the person/situation.
Step back , look at the bigger situation, fly like the eagle and see all that is involved .
And more important ask yourself why did you choose this person/situation ?
Are you the victim or the victor?
Is life happening to you or are you making it happen for you ?
Remember you wrote your life story before you came here and you chose the players in it , so stop looking at them look at you , what is your soul trying to remember? what is your soul trying to learn??

Letters from Heaven

Every session is as different as the person I sit with .
Not one session is like the other, what I love are the simple yet profound lessons delivered from spirit.
Many times before I sit with someone there loved one will come to visit me before the session.
Last week as I sat quietly with my coffee and a man (in spirit) shows up next to me and he kept showing me a young boy and he said ” I changed his life when he was seventeen ”
He gave me other information and cried , that told me the session was a bench mark for the person who would be sitting with me .
In the afternoon I sat with a man in his early thirties.
The man (in spirit) who had visited me in the morning came and sat with us .
He started by showing me the young  man at the age of seventeen .
He showed me that the young man found him hanging inside a barn looking building , and when he saw him he did not think twice .
He took him  down and tried to revive his dad in the hope that he could bring him back.
As the dad was showing me this he told his son :” when I saw you carrying me on your shoulder and trying to bring me back to live I felt and saw what a big hole I made in your heart. Thank you for loving me !”
The session went on and the young man let me know that he had been emotionally numb since that  day.
His father gave him many messages letting him know that he never left his side.
The young man cried and asked me to tell his dad that he forgave him , his father told him to forgive himself first because he was not the cause of his passing and needed to stop blaming himself for not been there to stop him .
By time the session was over the young man felt at peace and now he was giving himself permission to feel again .
Love is a powerful tool , forgiveness gives us permission to be ourselves without limitation .